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October 23, 2017

Treating a cracked tooth in Paterson

Paterson emergency dentist

When one of your teeth sustains a crack or fracture, it may be obvious to you, but it also can occur without you being aware. There will always be some signs, though, and you should know what they are, because getting treatment in a timely manner is essential to saving the tooth and preventing severe pain and other consequences. Our Paterson emergency dentist, Anna J. Huh, D.M.D., has the expertise and experience to diagnose the problem and find the appropriate solution right away.

In some cases, you will notice a cracked tooth immediately. You bite down on something hard, and you can hear it and feel it. Indications of a cracked tooth include pain while you're chewing for no clear reason, having sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, and mouth pain with no easily identifiable source. When you come in, our Paterson emergency dentist will do a thorough examination, and take x-rays to locate the cracked tooth. If it is a simple fracture, with no damage to the inner portion of the tooth (the pulp), it may be as simple as taking impressions for the creation of a crown to bolster the tooth and cover the crack. If so, you will be fitted with a temporary one while your permanent one is being made. If pulp damage is present, the solution is root canal, but don't be nervous. Today's modern techniques and equipment mean that you should feel very little or even no pain at all during the procedure. Once the tooth heals, you will then be fitted with a crown. The worst case scenario of having a cracked tooth is that it will have to be extracted. IN that case, however, a replacement can be discussed, such a bridge or partial dentures.

If your tooth is cracked, or might be, reach out right away to our Paterson emergency dentist.

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