Hawthorne Invisalign

March 26, 2018

Invisalign Braces in Hawthorne

If you have often thought that you'd feel more positive about getting your teeth aligned if the braces were more comfortable, removable, and virtually invisible, then you have officially run out of possible excuses. At the office of Anna J. Huh, D.M.D., we can meet all those requirements with Invisalign braces. Best of all, you don't sacrifice any effectiveness when it comes to the repositioning of your teeth.

If you're like many other people, the word braces makes you think of metal, wires, and brackets. And you would be correct. Yes, technological advancements have made today's metal braces more lightweight and stylish, but there are drawbacks you simply cannot get around. Your appearance changes. Everyone can see your braces when you smile, laugh, or speak. And for some, that is a deal breaker. Our Hawthorne Invisalign allows you to go about your daily business without anyone knowing you are having orthodontic treatment. It's a system of aligners that are made out of clear plastic. That also means optimal comfort. Friction caused by metal may irritate your mouth or result in soreness. And you have to come in frequently for adjustments on metal braces. Our Hawthorne Invisalign can be removed by you. Just take out your current one and replace it with the next one. It's that simple. Your aligner stays in all day and all night, only coming out when you eat, brush, or floss. You won't have to restrict any of your favorite foods as you do with metal braces. And your oral hygiene will be more efficient. All your aligners are designed with 3D computer software and fashioned with state-of-the-art machinery at our office for the best in precision and fit.

Our Hawthorne Invisalign is just what you've been wanting. So call our office today and set up an appointment to come in for a consultation to get started.

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