Cosmetic Dentist in Hawthorne

June 22, 2018

Veneers in Hawthorne

Cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne

Don't settle for any less than a smile you're proud of. Whether your issues are with regard to chips and cracks, misshapen or crooked teeth, discolored or stained teeth, or spaces between them that are too wide, you can count on our cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne, Anna J. Huh, D.M.D. Veneers provide you with the simple solution that covers the problems you want to be rid of.

Strong and healthy teeth are important, but you also would them to be visually appealing. If you were to deal with each tooth and each concern as a separate matter, it would be an overwhelmingly time-consuming and expensive endeavor, which few people would go thru with. However, veneers from our cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne aren't that way at all. They are slender shells fashioned out of porcelain. They fit over the teeth that are not up to the standards you want in terms of aesthetics. The tooth itself is not repaired, but covered. Fortunately, the veneer looks so much like the tooth itself that it is virtually impossible to tell the difference. In just about three sessions, our cosmetic dentist in Hawthorne transforms your smile. First, you will have an examination and consultation. Get your questions answered, and make your choice to move forward. Impressions are taken that the dental lab uses as guidelines to craft your veneers. You'll come back and have them fitted the first time. Adjustments, if necessary, are made and then they are fitted again. When you are prepared to sign off on them looking and feeling the way you want, the final bonding is done. A thin layer of material is filed from the fronts of the teeth getting veneers. This is done to make room.

You will love the way your smile turns out, so contact our office today and arrange a time to come in and get started with veneers.

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