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February 25, 2019

Brushing your teeth every day is important, and it is vital that you remember to brush between meals while also flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure that your teeth and gums are clean on a regular basis, but aside from professional dental cleanings, some people may also require periodontal cleanings for gum health. With the help of our Hawthorne best dentist, Anna J. Huh, D.M.D., you and your family can get the routine dental cleanings you need twice a year as well as any periodontal cleanings you might require.
About twice a year, people of all ages should have their teeth cleaned via a professional dental cleaning. What makes a professional cleaning more effective than brushing every day? Well, it’s important that excess plaque and bacteria is effectively cleaned away, which is something that brushing on a daily basis is not able to handle. As plaque accumulates throughout the day, it can harden, creating calculus, which may not be able to be tackled by her every day toothbrush or dental floss. Anna J. Huh, D.M.D. had been providing the best dental care for patients in the north Haledon New Jersey area for years, and when it comes to cleanings, Dr. Huh offers both routine dental cleanings as well as periodontal cleanings for those who may have early or more severe signs of gum disease. When might you need periodontal cleaning? Periodontal cleanings are used to treat to gum disease. Early stages may include symptoms such as red, swollen, tender, and bleeding gums. More severe forms of gum disease may include gum recession as well as pockets along the gumline. Mild gingivitis can sometimes be treated with a routine dental cleaning, but our Hawthorne best dentist can provide periodontal cleanings if you show more severe signs of this condition.

Periodontal cleanings can include root scaling and planing, gum reattachment surgery, as well as additional treatment that may be required to completely restore your dental health, including the use of oral antibiotics. If you think you have gum disease, then you may need a periodontal cleaning. Visit our Hawthorne best dentist, Anna J. Huh, D.M.D., to get the comprehensive dental care you deserve today.

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